About Us


Picosos Peanut Company is known for its world famous Spanish “Hot Chile” peanuts and is currently owned by the Gennero  family since 1977. It was originally started by the Ibarra Brothers in Helotes, Texas in 1966 and was purchased by Jimmie & Alice Gennero when Jimmie retired after serving 26 years active duty in the US Army.

At our manufacturing plant in Helotes, we perform “Custom Roasting” to a variety of products to meet your dietary needs. Our nuts are brought in from all parts of the world to ensure the highest quality and are roasted in 100% pure coconut oil. Picosos supports Texas growers and is an official Taste Of Texas company certified by the US Dept. of Agriculture.

Most items can be purchased:

  • Raw
  • Roasted
  • Salted
  • Spiced (Hot Chile)

*with combinations on request

In addition, we carry a full line of dried fruits, party mixes, candies and chocolate covered nuts.

We look forward to serving our customers and Thank you for your support and business.

World Famous PicososNuts.com